2002 Work presented at “Saison d’été” Nice (France)
  Exhibition Gallery Estampe Plus Québec (Canada)
  Art Expo New York (U.S.A)
  Art Cannes (France)
  Art Bastille 2002 Paris (France)
  Exhibition “The America Art Company”, Group exibit of french artists, Tacoma, WA (USA)
2001 Exhibition at the “Chapelle des Carmes”, Ardres (France)
  Art Expo, New-York (U.S.A.)
  Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (MAMAC) Nice (France)
  Exhibition Gallery Gollong St Paul de Vence (France)
  Work presented at Gallery Elektra Sausalito (U.S.A)
2000 Art Expo, New-York (U.S.A.)
  Exhibition at the Heller’s Art Images, Omaha, Nebraska (U.S.A.)
  Work presented at the Gallery Frédéric Gollong, Saint-Paul-de-Vence (France)
  Exhibition at the Gallery Dimension Plus, Montreal (Canada)
  Exhibition at Art Expo, Bruxelles (Belgium)
1999 Exhibition at the A&R Fine Art, Lincoln, Nebraska (U.S.A.)
  Exhibition at the Heller’s Art Images, Omaha, Nebraska (U.S.A.)
  Work presented at the Chapman Art & Frame, Miwaukee, Wisconsin (USA)
  Sunday Afternoon Gallery Winnetka, Illinois (U.S.A.)
  Work presented at the Unisys Center, St Paul de Vence (France)
1998 Art Expo, New- York (U.S.A.)
  Exhibition at the Boulevard Fine Art Gallery, Oak Park, Illinois (U.S.A.)
  Exhibition at the Gary’s Art Gallery, Madison, Winsconsin (U.S.A.)
1997 Exhibition at the Gallery “Jeanne Otmezguine”, Nice (France)
  Exhibition at the Unisys Center, Saint Paul de Vence (France)
1996 Art Expo, New-York (U.S.A.)
1994 Documentalist Assistant, Musée Matisse, Nice (France)
  Etching work at the “Art Gravé” Studio, Nice (France)
  Exhibition “Kyobi Kai” at the Acropolis, Nice (France)
1993 Exhibition at “Carpe Diem”, Nice (France)
  Dijon Art Festival, 3rd Prize. (France)
1992 Wall painting, Miraloma School, San Francisco (U.S.A.)
  Exhibition at “The Gallery Cafe”, San Francisco (U.S.A.)
1991 Open Studio, San Francisco. At Hutter’s point studio (U.S.A.)
1990 Open Studio, San Francisco (U.S.A.)
1989 Exhibition at the gallery “Nice Art Plastique”, Carros (France)
1985-1989 Lithograph, Atelier Alphonse Chave, Vence (France)
1980-1983 School “Nationale d’Arts Décoratifs” in Nice (France)
1977-1979 School “Les Beaux Arts” in Valence (France)

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